Kids Hiking Boots

Kids Hiking Boots for Boys and Girls

Best Kids Hiking Boots

If you are an outdoors person, you will know the incredible joy that comes out of taking a hike amidst nature and the feeling of fresh air on your face. Not only does it feel refreshing, but is a great workout that gives you joy and an adrenaline rush. If you are trying to get your kids to hike, you will definitely need the proper gear. Here is a list of some of the best kids hiking boots for boys.

Kids Hiking Boots for Boys & Girls

1. Timberland Pawtuckaway WaterProof Hiking Boot (Toddler/Little Kid)

Timberland Pawtuckaway WaterPROof Hiking BootTimberland is a company that makes some of the best kids hiking boots, undoubtedly. This is one of the best hiking shoes you can find for your child. With an overwhelmingly positive review by parents and children alike, the rugged shoe is made of full-grain leather and rustproof hardware. Designed to keep your child’s comfort in mind, the shoe comes with a removable sock liner to ensure that you know when your kids need a new pair. The padded midsole provides comfort and absorbs shocks. The shoe comes with a mesh lining to prevent your feet from getting hot and sweaty in warmer weather, which can lead to slipping.


  • The shoe has a good traction that can help you to tackle the slippery terrain.
  • It protects the feet against trail debris due to the thick rubber outsole.
  • The padded collar helps to provide you ankle support without preventing any movement.
  • The padded EVA midsole absorbs shock and cushions your feet.


  • The shoe is not completely waterproof.
  • The boots can be a little too big and bulky for smaller kids.
  • There can be some sizing issues with the boots.

2. DADAWEN Boy’s Girl’s Breathable Strap Closure Outdoor Trail Running Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

DADAWEN Boy's Girl's Breathable Strap Closure Outdoor Trail Running ShoeThis is a good boot for kids who like colors. If your child is a fan of bright and bold colors and gravitates towards things that are brightly colored and fun, this is the perfect shoe for your purposes. Dadawen’s shoes are pretty well known for their impressive quality and is a cult favorite almost for such a large number of people. This is no exception since this shoe is a good option for daily wear and is one of the best shoes for kids who have an active lifestyle and like to indulge in activities like running, hiking or trekking. Though it is not a shoe that is good for people who love to indulge in extreme sports, it does offer some degree of ankle support and can be used for lighter activities.


  • Bright attractive colors that your children are going to absolutely love and can look absolutely stunning.
  • The shoe features a convenient design with a hook and loop system that can be easy for your toddlers to use.
  • The shoes come with an anti-collision toe guard which can prevent your kid from banging his toe into something and prevent injuries.
  • The shoes are streamlined and flexible with a mesh upper side for breathability.
  • Fitted with the multi-directional traction it helps to maintain a good grip on the ground with the non-marking outsole.
  • The shoe lacing system can improve grip and the EVA footbed can support your shoes and provide cushioning at the ankle and tongue.


  • Be a little cautious of the sizing while you purchase.

3. KEEN Pagosa Mid WP Hiking Boot (Little Kid/Big Kid)

KEEN Pagosa Mid WP Hiking BootLike Timberland, Keen can be one of the brands that you know you are going to get a good boot from. The Pagosa hiking boot is no exception and it is definitely as waterproof as it gets. If you are looking for a good shoe for the winter that can help your little kid to keep their feet warm and not get wet in the snow, this is a great boot for the purpose. The boots are also great for moderate to rough hikes as they are padded enough to absorb shocks, however, they do not come with ankle protection, so be wary of using them in extremely rough terrains. The boots are made of leather and mesh and look pretty tough and sturdy, however, they are not too heavy or bulky to the point where it is uncomfortable.


  • The leather portions are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about ruining them.
  • The shoe is coated in a waterproof and breathable membrane that helps keep your feet dry.
  • The rubber outsole is appropriately padded and can help to absorb shocks.
  • The mesh layer can help to improve the breathability of the shoe and make it more comfortable to wear in hot climates.


  • The shoes have very less cushioning on the soles, which can lead to blisters and other issues.
  • The shoes generally are a bit narrow, which can be uncomfortable if you have wide feet.

4. Northside Caldera Junior Hiking Boot

Northside Caldera Junior Hiking Boot

Northside is another frontrunner when it comes to kid’s shoes. The Caldera hiking boot is a great option for summer hikes as it can provide you with ample support at the ankles, stability at the heels as well as a good grip on the heels. While the insole cushioning is not as comfortable as it gets, it is still a pretty great hiking boot for medium to high-risk hikes and can help to keep your kids’ feet well protected.


  • The top is breathable and has a good ankle support
  • The midsole is molded and the heel is stabilized for more grip, a toe cap is added for protection.
  • The loop system can be easy for kids to operate.
  • The traction outsole provides great grip and is excellent quality to get better mileage out of the shoe.


  • In some cases, the sole can come unglued after a while
  • The shoes are not great for people with wider feet

5. Rocky Kids’ FQ0003633 Mid-Calf Boot

Rocky Kids' FQ0003633 Mid Calf BootThese mid-calf length boots are great for colder climates and can be very durable. The mossy oak pattern is a unique design detail that you get with these boots and are very comfortable to wear as well as waterproof making them great snow boots for everyday use.


  • The boots reach up to mid-calf length which is great in a boot that is waterproof.
  • The boot is completely waterproof and comes with a trademark waterproof construction
  • The boot features a waterproof brown leather with a very intricate mossy oak design.
  • The outsole is made from nylon and is very comfortable.


  • Sizes are a little bigger than the average.

Buying Guide for Best Kids Hiking Boots

When you are trying to buy shoes for your kids, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Young boys are particularly active and like to play rough and run around. You can probably not control them as much as you would want to but it is imperative that you get them shoes that can help to protect their feet. Whether you go hiking or not, using hiking shoes can definitely help reduce the risk of injury and allow your kids to play without any issues. If you are trying to buy shoes for your boys, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Size – This is really important. Since boys grow at a very fast rate when they are young, it may be quite hard to keep up with their sizes and can especially prove to be a hassle if you are looking at the fact that they are probably going to grow out of a shoe in no time. However, you should pick the correct size for your kid, especially for hiking shoes since if they are too big, they are likely to fall off and if they are too small, they are likely to be uncomfortable.
  2. Toe Guard – The toe guard is a very important design detail and can protect your kid from a host of injuries. Whether it is from stubbing a toe somewhere to kicking something too hard if you want to avoid nasty accidents, invest in a shoe with a good protective toe guard that can help to guard your feet properly.
  3. Padding – Insole padding is definitely a feature that any kids shoe must have. Most young boys will not wear something that is even slightly uncomfortable and while most new shoes do need a while to break into, ensure that the one you choose at least has a good padding and is overall a comfortable shoe that fits well on him.
  4. Sturdy shoes – This is one of the key things you need to look at. For a young boy, you will need to find shoes that are sturdy without being heavy and impossible to walk in. Finding sturdy shoes that fit may be a little difficult, but it is definitely worth it in the long run as these can last you longer for ages. Since hiking shoes are long lasting, look for well-constructed ones to make them last.

Thus, with these tips, you can get the best kids hiking boots for your kids either boy or girl.  Feel free to check out our Ultimate Guide for Hiking Boots as well.