Fun Activities to Do When Hiking With Your Kids

By | August 25, 2017

Fun Activities to Do When Hiking With Your Kids

So, you have prepared your kid’s hiking boots, gear and some food too. The question now is, do you already have an idea on what fun activities to do while hiking with your kids? If not, then here are some ideas for you to consider to make your time spent with nature more worth it.

Treasure hunt

Kids just loves hunting for things. So, think of things that you can ask your kids to look for. It can be a toy, snack or anything that would encourage them to participate in the event. Put them in a clear bag and place them in the different areas in the forest. Give them a time limit to go look for it. This activity can be a great way to keep your kids moving as they explore the nature at the same time.

Alphabet game

If you have noticed that your kids have started showing signs of boredom while hiking, ask them to play the alphabet game with you. The logic of the game is quite simple. You just need to identify something that you can find on the trail that starts with the letter “A”. Then, ask your child to identify something that starts with the letter “B” and so on and so forth. Your children should take turns identifying objects.

Hide and seek

If your kids are old enough and you think that they will not get lost along the way, then you can play hide and seek with them. This game is exciting and fun, especially as you find your kids hidden behind the tree, rock or just simply anything where they can hide themselves. They would be left with no other choice but to explore the entire hiking train just so they can find the perfect hiding spot for them. Of course, the hiders and the seeker should take turns as well to make it more thrilling.

Continue the story

As you walk on the trail, tell your children a story. It can be about anything – a bug, bee, butterfly, tree, ant, etc. Then, ask your children to continue the story that you just started. This activity will not only keep your children entertained but it would also enhance their creativity. You might even be surprised on your child’s sense of humor.

Take a pic

Give your child the opportunity to be a photographer for the day. You can give your children a camera or even just your smartphone would do and let them take a picture of anything that they want to take a photo of. Through it, your children would surely be amazed on how beautiful the nature is. In addition to that, the result can get pretty hilarious too.

Of course, in order for you to make the most out of your hiking experience, you need to invest in a pair of good kids hiking boots. With that, nothing can stop your kids from having fun with nature.

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